Who is NiM?

We are related with IT since early 80's - from the moment of popular, microcomputer technology appearance in our country. Our experience consists works with systems of the various scale: from simple computers providing dedicated tasks, through small networks, workgroups, and then big and complicated internetworks, which are connecting businesses in Poland, in other countries and on other continents. At the beginning of the 90's we found that the Internet would be our main field of interest. Our specialists built complete solutions of first corporate internet centers. By next several years (up to 1999) we also dealt with creation and deployment of WWW structure for those nodes.

At November, 2000 we debuted on polish-wide market as NiM - Studio Technik Komputerowych (Computer Techniques Studio).

From August 2014 we decided to share knowledge and experience to a wider range of interested companies.

Now, with our professional partners and co-workers - we are offering BI / Big Data professional services as independent consultancy company. We started now with good relations to international corporations and agencies but not leave behind our smaller or middle scaled existing partners.

Functioning as a cluster of certified and experienced specialists we are able to offer the knowledge, the efficiency and flexibility in the highest quality, the proper time and at the reasonable price - all of them at once.

Releasing our activities we could offer:
- IT counseling (with special experience with the BI and Big Data systems)
- Assistance in estimate of IT requirements
- Mediation in realization of IT infrastructure projects
- Administration of the entrusted resources
- Solving of the current IT problems
- Installation and configuration the new infrastructure elements
- On special orders - we sell equipment and software